Are you Stressed or Anxious? do you have issues with Anxiety and Stress, Unwanted Habits or thoughts, Confidence, Phobias, Addictions, Self-Esteem, Smoking, Drugs or Alcohol or something else?
Do you have trouble with Negative Intrusive Thoughts and Feelings or getting a good nights Sleep? Is Day to Day Life or your Job or Partner causing problems and do you want your troubles to STOP?
                     THEN YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PAGE …………
By reading this you have already taken the First Step for CHANGE…..
Please continue to read and view the Gallery and selected Reviews and make contact as soon as YOU ARE READY
                     “Many scientific studies have shown Hypnosis
                         is one of the fastest-acting and long lasting
                              Solutions of Stress-Related illness.”
                                                                 Paul McKenna PHD
Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication used to bring about intended alterations, sensations, perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can be applied to both physical and psychological problems or issues such as stress, anxiety, addictions, confidence, phobias and improved performance in interviews, tests and sport.


Michael is fully qualified, vastly experienced and insured to practice Hypnotherapy and Counselling as well as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other highly skilled interventions to help people like YOU. BOTH Sunrise Hypnotherapy and Counselling Practices 1 and 2 are especially designed for complete Confidentiality and Comfort without interruption or disturbance. Michael is a realistic and friendly Therapist who successfully treats many Clients from Referrals and Recommendations as well as Telephone and E-mail enquiries on a day to day basis.
Qualifications and Experience:
DipHyp (Diploma in Hypnotherapy)
Dip PC  (Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling)
HYPNOTHERAPY PRACTITIONER(Fully qualified & certificated)
NLP Practitioner (Fully qualified & certificated)
RAPID INTERVENTIONS(fully qualified)
NLP Life Coach (Fully qualified & certificated)
NHS: Volunteer at NNUH. Norfolk & Norwich. (Current)
Life Saving Trained (Certificate, Adults and Children.SJA)
Working with people in Roles of: Support Worker, Carer, Mentor,Companion in East Anglia, London & Bristol spanning 30+ years.
                   CALL: O7791204462 OR TEXT

More Info

What is the Initial Consultation?
This is an opportunity to meet your Therapist and ask any questions and get a feel for the place before you Book an Appointment. This 20 mins appx Consultation is FREE of charge.
What is Hypnosis like ?
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. A Hypnotherapist will guide you with skilled communication. You will always have full control of your mind and body. The Hypnotherapist will make suggestions to your sub-conscious mind (the part of the mind that is “under the surface” of the wide awake conscious mind) You will be in safe hands at all times. Michael Practises Hypnotherapy to Heal and not for entertainment purposes.
Is it Confidential?
YES 100% Our work here at Sunrise Hypnotherapy and Counselling is in strict accordance with the National Hypnotherapy Societies strict code of conduct and ethics. All written and verbal information is completely confidential “it stays in the room”
How many sessions will I need?
The amount of sessions will be discussed and pre-planned at the initial Consultation prior to treatment. If further sessions are required, this will once again be discussed and mutually agreed if necessary.
How much will  Sessions and Treatments cost?
Initial Consultation:                                £FREE      (20 mins appx)
Hypnotherapy:                                          £60           (50-70mins appx)
Counselling & Other Therapies:      £60           (50-70 mins appx)
Smoking Cessation:                              £365        (appx 1.5 to 3 hours)
Couples Counselling:                            £75            (50-70mins appx)
                        TEL: 07791204462 OR TEXT


Here is a selection of recent Client feedback and reviews ……………….
      “after almost a lifetime of Stress and Anxiety my doctor recommended Hypnotherapy and Michael enabled me to face and conquer my demons once and for all”  thanks again. (TM. Lowestoft)
We went for COUPLES COUNSELLING as the last resort as our relationship was all but over. Michael found a way to enable us to UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER and after a few sessions we began to RECONNECT and work through our issues. We are now CLOSER than EVER. We both feel that going to see Michael SAVED us from breaking up.   (L AND M  Bradwell. Norfolk)
“ his caring and empathic manner immediately allowed me to finally open up about the things i had been carrying around and ultimately find the resolve i needed.  (SP. Kessingland)
“Michael has a uniqueness in his approach to facilitate change and my old fear of crossing Bridges is GONE.” (LC. Lowestoft )
“ truth was i was very nervous and sceptical and went to Sunrise Hypnotherapy as a last resort!!!. Guess what? I wish it was the first thing i did as my whole experience over 5 sessions was mind boggling and the 2 big issues, Confidence and Self-Esteem are sorted once and for all”
(KG. Gorleston area)
“ i have been able to fly with my family to Florida and not get almost paralysed with sheer Panic and Fear like i used to, IT WORKED for me and thank you for so much more than you can imagine.”  (KP. NORWICH)
“thank you from the top of the SHARD.”  ( HEIGHT PHOBIA CURED) ……………..( MRS J. LONDON)
” I cannot thank you enough for the POSITIVE change in my daughter since seeing you in Gorleston. she has emerged from therapy with a range of new skills and strategies and is her “OLD HAPPY SELF” again. we are all so grateful and CONFIDENT that she is moving forward with her  school life and home life in such a settled and positive manner. thank you sincerely Michael ” ( P.AND J Hopton-on-sea)
“ i have been to see mike in Lowestoft regarding my excess weight which was causing me a lot of worry and upset. He has taught me a new way of thinking with Hypnotherapy and Counselling and subsequently the weight began to drop away and more importantly i actually like myself once again. (AR. Gunton area)
“ i have never felt so relaxed and at peace after just one of Michaels Guided Sensory sessions. My whole outlook has changed for the better life is fun again and i got my smile back (Mrs JM Newmarket)
” we have recommended Michael at Sunrise to our friends and family as unfortunately ANXIETY AND STRESS seem to be a regular problem for a lot of people and WE KNOW first hand having HYPNOTHERAPY with Michael at Sunrise helps and WORKS” as it did so successfully with our son  (H and P.  Great Yarmouth)
Note from Michael. Come and find out for yourself. I believe Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Counselling completely transformed my life. SO WHY NOT TRANSFORM YOURS or SOMEBODY YOU LOVE …….TODAY? 
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Principal Therapist
Michael J McClean DipHyp.DipPc.MNHS.MCS(Acc)
Sunrise Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Practices in Lowestoft and Gorleston-on-Sea

                      TEL: 07791204462 OR TEXT